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North Shore BMX District: BC02


1301 Lillooet Road
North Vancouver, Bc V7 J 3 T7

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Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Track Phone: 604-352-6795
  • Primary Contact: James Town (604-352-6795)
  • Secondary Contact: Steve Scully

North Shore BMX is sanctioned under BMX Canada / USA BMX and is located at Inter River Park in North Vancouver, BC. 

The club is a Canadian non profit society organized and run by the parents, friends and riders. All of the board members, operators and workers are unpaid volunteers donating their time and efforts to provide a fun and safe atmospherere for riders of all ages and skill levels to participate in this exciting action sport. Riders of nearly any age, who can ride a bike, are welcome to practice and race with us. Ages range from 2 to 50+ and many families have kids and parents alike participating.

Our race season starts at the beginning of April and finishes at the end of September, weather permitting. The track is closed to non BMX Canada members during North Shore BMX sanctioned events, practices and races. But on any non-sanctioned event day, the track is open to the public free of charge depending on weather. If the weather conditions are bad or the track is wet from rain or being worked on, the track will be closed to the public until it is deemed safe. Please don't ride if the track is wet and muddy, as that will just create a lot of work hours for the volunteers that will need to do the repairing. We would appreciate your kind understainding.


2017 NSBMX Board of Directors

President:   James Town

Vice President:   Steve Scully

Assistant Track Director:   Steve Connelly

Treasurer:   Marnie Town

Secretary:   Kumi Jones

Communications Director:   June Thomson

Concession Director:   Trina Sabet




2017 NSBMX Schedule

Friday - Beginning April 7th /Club Practice starts at 5:30pm 
Saturday - Beginning April 8th / Racing starts at 11:00am, Registration 9:30-10:15am
Wednesday - Beginning April 26th / Racing starts at 7:00pm, Registration 5:30-6:15pm

Single Point Race Fee $7.00 (Full Track)    $2.00 (Strider & Half Track)  **CASH ONLY**

Race Day Hotline 604-352-6795  **Race Day Hotline is only available to the registered members.


** Please check our website or FB page for any schedule change on the day of the event.

** Schedule changes due to weather and track condition will be posted on our Facebook Page