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2017 Dixieland Nationals Race Report

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For those of you that didn’t put this one on your calendar, you certainly missed out on what could become the prototype for replacing baseball fields all across the country. We think its quite fitting that the new starting hill is where home plate once resided. Once you come down the 3 meter starting hill you’re greeted by a tricky set of doubles and a monster step table. After you exit turn 1 you’re faced with a huge pro set on the left or a jump filled dog-legged section on the right.

The extreme angle of the turn and inside straightaway caused for much discussion by the Elite class and the UCI official deemed it unraceable. Plans are already in place to correct this before the next time we visit Powder Springs. The third straight is home to a rhythm section and the final straight houses a double and the sprint to the line.

The facility revamp also came with a brand new building that houses an office, utility room, a fully functional snack bar and bathrooms.

Once Elite racing got underway on Friday evening it was obvious that you had to think about your line selection until you crossed the line. The last turn was built with passing in mind and many people were caught off guard. When it was all said and done the current USA BMX National #1 pro picked up his third victory of the season with his team mate Connor Fields in tow. Haro’s Nic Long landed in third. On day two Joris entered the last turn with the lead but Connor made a sweet move to overtake his team mate for the win. Daylight’s Corben Sharrah would pass Jeff Upshaw right at the line for third.

 With Alise Post having plans elsewhere this weekend, Haro’s Brooke Crain reigned supreme. Picking up wins five and six on the season has catapulted her to a nice lead in the series standings. 

Dani George had a good weekend on the Georgia clay and pulled off the deuce on Friday and a third on Saturday. Florencia  Soriano and Mika Shaw pulled off the remaining podium spots in the class.

Vet Pro was again dominated by Becerine but the story of the class was TNT Tim Kneip racing with a broken wrist that he sustained at the Lonestar nationals the week prior. What an iron man.

Cameron Moore wasn’t going to let anyone come from behind this week as he took the wins both days in A pro. Judging by him getting mobbed at the podium, you may be looking at your 2017 Rookie of the Year. Only time will tell.

We’re more than convinced that Powers’ Brady Kincheloe can get himself out of just about any jam on the track and he did just that in the 17-20 Cruiser main on Saturday. The last turn swoop struck again.

Bobby “Wasabi” Connelly got to the business of winning in ATL pretty quickly. The west coast Answer Rennen ripper would double double in 10 cruiser and expert.

12 year old girls are pretty tough cookies and that toughness was on full display by
AllTow’s Mazy Knox After going down hard on Saturday, while in the lead no less, she had something to prove on Sunday and did just that with a win.

If you don’t know who Matt Badanik is you will soon. The 7x from Indian Trial, North Carolina made a name for himself with a win on day one and a second on day two. Team managers take notice! 

We haven’t seen world champ 8x Justin Perkins in a while but he was back out front and winning on Saturday afternoon. His Bombshell team mate Dyllon Reeder powered his way to the win on Sunday.


17-18X looked like the grands main on day one. Brian Ensey looked primed for the win as the pack hit the last turn but Markwane Billingsley was able to get underneath him in the final turn and stretch his was to victory. Ensey wasn’t going to let that happen again on day two and took the win back to Cali.

We expected local kid Tyler Smith to be untouchable in 19-27x and he looked that way as he grabbed the holeshot in the main on day one but Ryan Zinzow had other plans and came by in turn two. Smith dove to the inside of turn three and rode straight into Zinzow’s back wheel taking them both out. Zinzow shook it off and won the class on Sunday.


The house that Margie built is beautiful and was loved by all that came. You do not want to miss the next race at this track. You’ve been warned.

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