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2020 Gold Cup Championships Announced

Filed under General on December 17, 2019 | Comment(s)


USA BMX will return to the previous host-track of the 2018 Fall Nationals; to the incredible big berms and amazing facility in Lemoore. 


Another track that has hosted Nationals and a Gold Cup in the past - Columbia Basin BMX in the tri-cities area of Washington will surely provide NW regional riders some great opportunities to win a Gold Cup 1, 2 or 3 plate. The super well-lit track is a first-class facility, with a great rhythm and awesome spectating from anywhere around the track. 

Ahhh ... and you thought DeSoto was forgotten this year, right? Wrong! The South Central Gold Cup plate-chasers will get to race under the big top, just outside of Dallas. No stranger to National events since it was first built, DeSoto is not only known for their fast and fun BMX facility, but also for breeding some mighty fast racers who have gone on to win Championships and turned Pro. 
The competition in DeSoto will no doubt be tough in Texas!


Circle City BMX in Dothan, Alabama has previously hosted USA BMX Nationals - and everybody loves the only track in the nation with a criss-cross section. The first straight is fast and slightly downhill, and heads you into a wide, sweeping right-hander. As you exit that turn and hit another righty, you start to cross-over the first straightaway full-tilt! It's a super fun track and is sure to provide some gnarly racing for the yellow plates on hand. 


Mankato Area BMX in Mankato, Minnesota recieves its first big USA BMX sanctioned race with the Gold Cup North Central Championships. 'Kato' BMX is operated by amazing volunteers who work tirelessly to bring the best for their riders. With a PROGATE to start you off on a downhill first straight into 3 asphalt turns Mankato Area BMX will be a welcome addition to the Gold Cup Championship Series.


Westmoreland BMX in Apollo, Pennsylvania is also getting their first big USA BMX sanctioned race, since the NBL era of BMX when the Northeast Regional Championship was held there in 2003. Westmoreland starts off like many other tracks around the country, however, after the second straight converges it's decision maker, a ninety degree lefty sends you and your speed back to the era of the early 2000's downhill racing, making for a fast and exciting finish for the Gold Cup North East Championships.

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