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If you are a Track Operator interested in obtaining your Coaches License or more general information on the coaching program please email Justin directly at

Directions for becoming a USA BMX Certified Coach

Cost: A USA BMX Coaching License is $60/year, all resources and testing are provided free of cost after the first License fee is paid.  The License is issued when you have passed your online coaching test.

Age Requirment:  18+ 

1. Be sure you have an account on our website.
Create an account or log in to your current account on this website (

If you try to create an account and receive the message "Username already exists" this means that you have an account that was created by an automatic membership update and do not yet have a password.  To receive a password, go to the "log in" screen and hit the blue "forgot password" link.


2. Complete the Coaching Application at the bottom of this page.


3. Letter of Recommendation
Submit your signed Track Operator Letter of Recommendation (download here)

The T.O. Letter of Recommendation must be emailed to  Forms can be photocopied, scanned, or scanned (photo) from your smart phone and sent in.  


4. Adult and Pediatric CPR and Basic First Aid
Submit proof of First Aid and CPR certificaitons from a recognized and reputable National or State/Provincial Level organization that is at minimum rated as Adult and Pediatric CPR and Basic First Aid (Examples: American Heart Association, American Red Cross, EMS Rating, etc)

If you do not already have these certifications, and do not have a class near you, please use the link below to take an online course.

Click here for a qualifying online Adult and Pediatric CPR and Basic First Aid Course

A great place to start is by calling your local fire department as many times they offer classes at very inexpensive rates.

The First Aid Certifications must be emailed to   Certifications can be photocopied, scanned, or scanned (photo) from your smart phone and sent in.  

BLS cards are only excepted if you are a Healthcare Provider as they do not include First Aid.  Please DO NOT send BLS cards if are not a Healthcare Provider.


5. Online Background Check

US citizens complete our online background check by clicking here ($30).  Canadian citizens please have a background screen, including the vulnerable sector search, completed at RCMP. When you have your results, email them to 


6. CDC Heads Up for Coaches Online Training Module
Use the following link to complete the CDC Heads Up for Coaches Concusion Training Module.  Email the certificate to:

CDC Heads Up Link


7. Payment link activation
When all of your prerequisites have been received, you will receive notification that your Coaching Payment link has been activated.


8. Pay your coaching license fee
Be sure to Log into your account and then go to the Coaching Page and click the Coaching Payment link to pay your coaching license fee.


9. Coaching Resources and Test Links Activated
When your coaching licensee fee has been received you will receive a notification that your Coaching Test and Resources links have been activated.  Please allow up to 1 business day for these links to activate.


10. Complete the online coaching review module
Use the Coaching Resources Links to compelete your open book coaching test.  Once your test is submitted it will be reviewed and if no further review is required a 1 year coaching license will be issued based on the final review date.  


11. Complete and submit your New Rider Program Form
Local coaches are now required to complete and submit the New Rider Program Form.  This form must be signed by your Track Operator and the Lesson/Clinic dates must be entered into the online scheduler and verified by the coaching department before you will receive your coaching license.



Coaching Licenses will need to be renewed each year, Background Checks and First Aid Certifications will need to be renewed every 2 years as well as Continuing Education Units (TBA).

In closing, the USA BMX Coaches Certification program is designed to add tools any track's toolbox of success.  The Coaching Certification program is NOT designed to change or impede any clinics or advanced clinics that your track and coaches are currently hosting.  

If your track already has a program that is working well, we encourage you to continue to utilize it, and the process of having a certified coach will merely be a formality that helps to ensure the charater of the coach and the well being of all of our children.  USA BMX encourages as much coaching as possible to be available at Local BMX Tracks as this increases the athleticism and retention of all riders.  Our program even teaches local coaches the value of bringing in guest pro's and clinic tours that help to excite the riders and keep them in the sport longer.


Fields marked with a * are mandatory.

USA BMX Coaching Application Form

I understand that I must be at least 18 years of age to become a USA BMX Coach
I understand that I have to submit my background check to USA BMX every two years.
I understand that I must submit a copy of my Adult and Pediatric CPR Certification
I understand that I must submit a copy of my First Aid Certification
I understand that the annual fee for a coaching license is $60
I understand that it is my responsibility to keep my USA BMX Coaching License current along with my background check and my CPR and First Aid Certifications
I understand that the primary purpose of this coaching program is to help develop and implement a consistent new rider program that will encourage them to return to the track more often.
I understand that as a coach my actions will reflect on my local track and I will maintain a professional presence at the track at all time.
I understand that I will not receive my coaching certification until a New Rider Program (Lessons / Clinics / League) is published on my track's schedule.