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4375 206 St Langley
Langley BC V3A 3B1
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Bea Lindsay-Hawkins

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What is the race for life.....

The "Race For Life" started in 1981 when an avid 12-year-old BMX racer from Michigan discovered he had leukemia. His name was Todd Kingsbury and like many BMXers, he had dreams of someday becoming a top pro in the sport. Unfortunately, this dreaded disease would keep Todd from fulfilling his dream. 

When Todd's friends and the American Bicycle Association learned of his diagnosis, it was decided that an organized effort should be made to help in Todd's "Race for Life." The first ABA "Race for Life" events were formed that year, with over 130 tracks participating. Ever since, the ABA has held a series of "Race for Life" events across North America to help in the fight to find a cure for blood-related cancers.

Helping other people is one of the finest things that anyone can do in life. Through your donation to BC Children's Hospital Foundation, you are helping to fund critical research to help kids with leukemia. Thanks for being our partner in this journey!

Of course, the best reward of all is the good feeling of helping others with leukemia.

In the past all the track of BC have raised, $30,000 - $45,000 when covid hit Langley BMX was the only track in 2020 to even get a race done and raise some funds of $3,500.  So this year we have raised the bar and want to give back even more and set a goal of $5,000!

We want you to pick who you know who has had or does have Cancer and Race for them!  See the motoshed for your sheet to mark who you are racing for and get a collection envelope.  Prizes are awarded from Langley BMX and BMX Canada!

Double Points Event $20 will every registration going towards our goal of $5,000.