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2815 Dunsmuir Ave
Cumberland BC V0R1S0
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Track Operator:
Corby Johnson
Practice and Race 250-336-2699
[email protected]

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About Coal Hills BMX!

Coal Hills BMX is a non-profit Society #S-0044275 and has been operating for almost 19 years and is wholly run by volunteer parents that belong to Coal Hills BMX. The track was originally built in 1998 and is located in a busy multi-use, municipal recreational area within historic Cumberland, BC. The Coal Hills BMX Club is primarily a recreational club geared towards encouraging participation, but also supports healthy competition for those kids and adults eager for that experience. The BMX rider membership fluctuates annually with an approximate average of 70 riders each year. Riders start as young as two years old (on a half-track circuit and often on their ‘push’ bikes), and continue riding through to 60 plus years of age and beyond.  For every rider there are always family members cheering them on and viewing the track.

On practice night and race days/nights, we have a concession. We are in keeping with our traditional treats, and are excited to introduce a few additions, starting out with a Breakfast on a Bun-How about trying our Sausage and Egger or maybe Ham, along with a BMXer Combo Burger - with the works... Do come by and try one our new additions, as we are hoping to fulfill all our tummies. Options available will vary depending on the volunteer help we have for each day/night. 

We practice every Monday from 5:45pm - 8:00ish. Please check the race schedule for dates. See you at the track!