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Kingston BMX is a nonprofit organization run by a very dedicated group of volunteers. We run weekly races from May until October. Our track, The Peter Brierley Memorial, is built to world class standards by the same person who built the 2008 Olympic track. We have hosted some major events which include the Limestone City Nationals. BMX is a great sport for the whole family as it builds confidence and self esteem. 

The Beginning: 1980's

Kingston BMX was established in 1982 which may have been better known as Kingston Township BMX (KTBMX): Logo – KTBMX

1982 – A group of fathers was putting together a proposal to build a track at Woodbine Park in the township. During the summer of ’82, 6 dads worked during the evenings building the first generation of BMX tracks that would inhabit the current location in Woodbine Park. In September of KTBMX held their first official BMX race. This is a newspaper clipping from the Whig the week of May 15th advertising Peter O’Neil’s vision for the track. Can’t remember if the final price tag was indeed $2000: Whig Article – Attempt made to form BMX club

1982 – This picture was taken at Kingston’s first BMX race, September 1982 at Woodbine Park at the KTBMX track: Photo – Starting line

1983 – The track used to be lined with old tires…. If you got run off the track, which occasionally happened, you were said to have gotten “tired”…. as in “I was going into the corner with Shawn and he TIRED me”: Photo – Off to the races

1983 – London, ON had a starting gate with lights, Kingston, Kanata, Newmarket, Barrie & Kitchener all had manual gates: Article & Photo – The Heritage; J&J Cycle Team wins big!

1984 – Kingston BMX holds race with many competitors: Photo - In it to win it

1986 – Ruffles became a sponsor of the Ontario Provincial Challenge series: Photos – Brochure side 1 & Brochure side 2

1987 – OCA Ontario BMX Championships held in September of 1987 at Kingston Township BMX Club: Video – Ontario BMX Provincial Championships

1987 – Grand Provincial Race, September 10: Article & Photo –The Whig Standard; Thrills & Spills & Continuation of story

1988 – Clinic with Hollywood Mike Miranda: Photo  – Taking a break (from left to right) Jim McGuire, Kevin Lundy, Doug Boyer, Chris Hannah, and Mike Miranda

1988 – Ontario State Plate Winners: Results

Growing to Greatness: 1990's

1990 – Track Changes Design: Photo 

1992 – Kingston BMX awarded Ontario Series Grand: Article –30 Bicycles Today; Ontario Series Grand '92

1994 – Track Changes Design: Photo

1996 – Requesting help from Kingston Township Parks & Rec.: Memo – Kingston Track/Dirt

The Turn of a Century: 2000's

2005 – October 1 – the turns in Kingston were paved with monies donated to the Peter Brierley BMX Fund

2006 – Kingston O-Cup (notice the long track layout):
            Video – 2006 O-Cup Race – Sunday Pocket Rocket Main
            Video – 2006 O-Cup 2006 – Sunday 12+ Cruiser Main (Is that Jamie Brierley…)

2007 – Kingston BMX Track to Host Pre-Olympic Qualifying Race. Five hundred of the world’s top BMX riders will be in Kingston, Aug. 25-26, to take part in pre-Olympic qualifying races to determine which athletes will compete in the Olympics. The Kingston International will be the first Olympic points race held in Canada for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and it will mark the first time since 2002 that a UCI BMX race has been hosted in Ontario. 

2007 – Check out the paved corners and announcers booth: Video – Kingston BMX 2007 30+ Cruiser

2008 – Existing BMX Track (Woodbine Park) was designed and built by Olympic track builder Tom Ritz – Elite Trax Inc and X-Games jump builders Dave KingShawn Walters and Eric Bressin

2008 – Due to the outstanding reputation, organizational structure and leadership at KBMX; and the support of the great City of Kingston, the OCA and OSG Games Operating Committee have awarded the 2008 Ontario Summer Games BMX Race to KBMX

2008 – June 10 – Kingston Bmx Announces First Annual Kingston Bike Festival

2008 – July 17 – Newspaper article announcing track makeover: Whig Article – BMX track to get makeover

2008 – August 17 – Newspaper article announcing racers test new track: Whig Article – BMX racers test new courses

2008 – Aggressive (Pro) version of KBMX Track: Video – Kingston BMX Bikejam BMX Race Final


The Big Leagues: 2010's

2012 – August – Thank you to our volunteers:
            Video – KBMX 2012 Limestone City Nationals Volunteers
            Video – KBMX Limestone City Nationals

2014 – May 30 – June 1 – Limestone City Nationals Announcement: Poster

2014 – May 30 – June 1 – Limestone City Nationals Highlights: Video by Samantha Damm of Damm It Films – Kingston Limestone City Nationals

2014 – Jun 21 – Tom’s Time Trials
           A very special thank you to Tom Mulvenna for sponsoring the time trials: 2015 – June 12 – Kingston Bike Festival: Whig Article  – Cycling festival gets wheels turning on safety

2015 – June 26-28 – Limestone City Nationals Announcement: Poster

2015 – July 18 – Tom’s Time Trials A very special thank you to Tom Mulvenna for sponsoring the time trials. 

A special thank you to the following individuals for providing the valuable information and pictures;  Ryan Fraser,  Todd Harper & Chris Hannah. We will continue to update our history page as more information is found, please visit us again.


The New Beginings: 2020

2021 - Club President - Jason Kelly and Track Director - Niko Doyle, with the help of many volunteers and Local businesses made history and got the long talked about corners "PAVED" at Kingston BMX.