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KBMX is a not for profit organization. We rely fully on the parent volunteers to operate if we do not have volunteers we cannot run races or events. We have reduced our fees to be affordable for families,(three years ago we were $250 now $180) part of the commitment we require for this  is 10 hours minimum per family per season, plus 2 track work sessions. Many hands make light work. It also gives you an appreciation of the work it takes to keep the track in a safe condition for your kids. (or maybe yourself... There are many parents that ride too).

When you help out and get involved it helps create a sense of family within the club, also when your kids see you helping they see that you care about what they are doing and they will often try harder and in turn that increases their self-esteem.

The following are the volunteer teams and descriptions of what is expected within each

1) Officials approximately 25 volunteers required. This would mean officiating once every 3rd week or so. Duties include
a. Corner officials for races (we will train you for this)
b. Spotters for races
c. Officials for large races (need full understanding of the rulebook)
d. Finish line (would like 6 people cross trained for this)
e. Staging (would like 3-5 people cross trained for this)

2) Track Maintenance 8-10 core volunteers. Duties include
a. every family required to help with 2 maintenance days
b. raking the track
c. grass cutting
d. rock picking on track
e. garbage pick up from track
f. weed pulling
g. painting bleachers
h. general maintenance on buildings
i. Heavy equipment operation

3) Medical 3-5 volunteers. Assistance if a rider gets injured practice and race nights
a. Good for parents that are physicians, nurses, paramedics or RT’s

4) Coaching/practice night help 10-12 volunteers required. This would mean helping on the track once every 3rd week or so. Duties include
a. Coaching assistants (mainly the expert riders)
b. Spotters on the track for safety 4/night
c. Videoing so that coaches can review with riders

5) Concessions 3-6 volunteers required this would mean planning once every 3rd week or so. Duties include duties include
a. The planning preparation and serving of the meal on race nights

6) Fundraising 4-8 core volunteers
a. to assist in the planning and execution of fundraisers
b. run weekly and special event 50/50’s
c. raffle table for gold cup weekend
d. all members to take part in fundraising activities

7) Special events 4-5 volunteers
a. To work with the Jr Executive to plan special events such as Halloween race, banquet, skating days ect

8) Social media/ marketing 1-2 volunteers
a. Someone to work closely with the executive to assist with marketing and information

9) Awards 3-4 volunteers
a. Dating the award stickers for each local race,
b. Handing out awards at races

10) Other If you have any special skills that may be helpful at the track, please let us know. (Electrician, paving, construction, marketing, landscaping, accounting ect)

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We need your help! Successful BMX programs are the result of a strong volunteer base. Be a part of something special and help make a difference in the lives of the kids & families at your local track.

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