To all our KBMX family

   2017 has definitely been a year that has tested our passion and our strength as a family. The beginning of the season started off with a horrible accident that took the focus of our then president John Schaeffer, off of the track and onto his own health and his family who needed his support, John later stepped down as president so that the club could move forward and his sole focus could be on his family The BMX community in Ontario as whole rallied and held fundraisers for the Schaeffer family.

   Sandra Dee and Justin Morris also stepped down from the board this season to focus on family. This left us with a bare-boned board and thankfully we had some great volunteers that never wavered and stood by us and worked hard to keep things moving forward and fun for the kids.

   On a great note our membership numbers were up this year with 87 KBMX members registered by July and many more riders coming out to try it in the last few weeks, many of who I know are excited to start racing in the spring, I believe that we will be over 100 members next season, which has been our goal for the last few seasons.

   I would like to introduce our new board

President – Gina Hovencamp

Vice President – Angela Fleming

Secretary/Treasurer – Linda Clissold

Race Director – Kerry Colling

Sponsorship Driector at large – Chad Bridger

Track liaison Director at large – Mike Rutter

   Every person on this new board has something special to offer the track and they are already making GREAT things happen.

   This past season KBMX had some great accomplishments. We hosted a National which had over 400 riders in attendance from all over Canada and the US. We sent 3 riders (Cole and Lance Zufelt and Britney Hovencamp) to worlds and they rode well and make us proud, especially Cole who came home with not one but 2 world plates! We had 2 of our riders chosen for the national next gen program Congrats to Britney and Cole. We held a great time trials sponsored by none other than our own Tom Mulvenna, A special thank you to Tom for hosting this event and putting up the money for the prize payouts, and congrats to Bryce Rutter who walked away the winner of this years event.

   Volunteerism at the track was alive and well, we saw record numbers of you out helping with maintenance, officiating, running 50/50’s and helping with anything that needed to be done. The track can not run without your help and anything you do is greatly appreciated by the board and more importantly the riders, after all that is the reason we are all here.

   We implemented a structured practice night where the older experienced riders started coaching the new riders. There is still some work to be done on this and Michael Colling has offered to work with the coaches and keep Tuesday nights running smoothly.

   We have started to implement a new personal sponsorship program that I am happy to say has started off with a blast, we have 20+ sponsors in and paid! We have one rider who will ride KBMX, provincials and nationals next season and will have all these races covered, we have 2 more who have KBMX and provincials covered, and more with their Canada BMX membership paid.If you have not heard about this yet or need more information contact me (GINA) and I will be more than happy to get you started.

   We want to thank our sponsors big and small for all they do. As a not for profit organization we do rely on sponsorship to help keep the prices affordable for our members

   BGM Metalworks, I can’t say enough about the contributions of BGM, from awards, to fixing equipment, to allowing us to dump our garbage during clean up days in their dumpsters and so much more, Jason is always willing to help us where it is needed.

   Shea Construction, helped us in the spring with heavy equipment for the start up of the season, to ensure the track was safe for the kids.

   Hughes Construction for coming in and getting the landscaping done before provincials.

   Tomlinson for providing us with the port-a-potties, equipment and the time of Mark to help fix the drainage issue, also for the dirt that is coming in the spring to rebuild the 3rd straight

   Tom Mulvenna’s Son for getting the landscaping done before nationals (sorry I am not sure of his name or his new companies)

   Paula Rutter of Remax, always there to help and doing thoughtful thing for the track such as paying for the Fajita night ingredients and the purchase of a new fridge for the hut.

   The Dee family who generously donated the beautiful Jerseys for the riders in memory of Randy’s Brother Michael Dee.

   KMS for providing us with first aid at the races.

   Amherstview Foodland Jason and Tammy are always willing to help us out with a donation for our big events.

   And a special thanks to all of the families that donated to the raffle tables to help us raise funds for the new bikes.

   I apologize  if I missed anyone we do appreciate everything our sponsors do for us.

   If you have any suggestions of ways we can improve the club and your experience please speak to a board member, we are always there to listen.

   So as we close out this year we thank all of you to you who have supported us. Remember all the new friends you have made through this great sport. Remember that your hard work does not go unnoticed and we are only as good as you make us. Next year, choose to befriend a new member, Take them under your wing and help them navigate through those first few confusing weeks, be the familiar face that makes KBMX a family! Keep an eye out for winter events and come join us to keep in touch over the long cold winter, if not we will see you at the track in the spring