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1301 Lillooet Road
North Vancouver BC V7J 3T7
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Track Operator:
Alan Moat
[email protected]

James Town

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Getting Started

The best way to get started is to come by our track during the weekly practice time. Come to the Motoshed (big container by the parks building) and talk to our volunteers. They will be more than happy to answer all your questions and help you get started.

Check out the New Rider Manual and Video which provides a step-by-step instructions for new BMX riders!!


Also please go check "About" page for more useful information about the sport, the track, the bike and the gear.



Bike - For safety reasons please remove or disable front brakes, remove pegs, kickstand, chain guards or additional items that could fall off on the track or cause an injury in the event of a collision or crash. The track has limited number of loaner racing bikes available for checkout to new riders. These are available on a first come, first serve basis on any given practice/race day. Track Staff will be happy to assist in picking out the right size bike for you!

Full face helmet - Riders riding on the "full track" must wear full face helmets. Striders and half trackers may wear "park" or "street" style helmets. The track has limited number of loaner helmets available but these are available on a first come, first serve basis on any given practice/race day. 

Long sleeves and Long pants - Riders are allowed to wear short sleeves and shorts as long as they have elbow pads and knee/sin pads, otherwise long sleeve shirts and pants are required.

Gloves - Riders need to wear full fingers racing gloves.

Enclosed Shoes - No sandals or open toe shoes.

Good Attitude - Please go through "Track Rules" page before you come ride at our track. All riders, parents and spectators must follow NSBMX Code of Conduct rules and BMX Canada Rules to participate at any club event.

Membership - One Day Membership available at the track for new riders. Please check our "Membership Info" page for more information.

** If you are under 18 yrs old, please come to the track with your parent or guardian to sign a waiver.





Your little riders can ride at our track too!! Age does't matter, they can ride as long as they can use at least run bikes or striders or bikes with training wheels. Parents can help them along too. On practice days, we dedicate a small lane on the last two straights for the little riders. We also have Strider Race/Half Track Race for these little gangstars. We start our races with striders/half trackers. They race 3 times straight without break. 

Striders/Half Trackers need to have a membership to ride at our track. And they need to sign up for a race so please come up to the Registration desk during our registration hours.

Striders/Half Trackers are allowed to race with regular helmets but we recommend that they wear full face helmets for their safety.



A rider will race the age and proficiency they are the day of an actual race. And all the categories are as follows. Categories will combine to make legal classes so your 6 year old may have to race 7 year olds, etc....

Striders / Half Trackers - The Half Trackers race only a half track with smaller hills and dedicated rhythm section. This is for 5yrs old and under.

Novice (New Riders) - This is where most boy and girl riders start. Riders are divided into age categories starting from age 5 & Under. After attaining 10 class wins (of any type of race) or 3 title wins (ex. National and Grands), a male/female Novice must advance to Intermediate. They can no longer compete as a Novice.

Intermediate (Moderately Skilled Riders) - Upon attaining 20 class wins (any type of race) or 5 title wins (ex. National and Grands), an Male Intermediate will advance to Expert. Upon attaining 10 class wins (any type of race) or 5 title wins (ex. National and Grands), an Female Intermediate will advance to Girls. This category is for 20" diameter wheel bikes.

Expert (Highly Skilled Riders) - It is the top category for amateur riders. This category is for 20" diameter wheel bikes.

Girls class (Skilled Female Riders) - All new female riders have the option to be classified as a Novice/Inter and will compete in the Novice/Inter class (male and female) at all events. But female Intermediate must advance to the Girl class after attaining 10 class wins (of any type of race) or 5 title wins (ex. National and Grands). Any female Novice/Intermediate that voluntarily signs up and competes in a Girl class will be required to race in the Girl class at all events. This category is for 20" diameter wheel bikes.

Cruiser - This category is for 24" diameter wheel bikes and larger. The Cuiser class is for all abilities.

Girl Cruiser - This category is for the female riders on 24" diameter wheel bikes and larger. The Cruiser class is for all abilities. 

** Please note it is the responsibility of each rider to keep track of their own wins for movement to the next proficiency. Riding out of class will result in the forfeiture of points and possible suspension. Do not wait until you receive your new card, just let track volunteer at the Registration desk know or contact BMX Canada and let them know.

** A rider may advance to the next higher proficiency voluntarily without acquiring the total amount of wins by registering to race in higher proficiency. No Sanction approval is required for this action; the right to reclassify is forfeited for one full year.  


2022 NSBMX Schedule

Thursday - Club Racing: Pre-Registration by 6PM Wednesdays, Racing starts at 6:00PM
Saturday - Gate Practice time: 11AM - 12PM

** Please check our website or FB or Team Snap page for any schedule change on the day of the event.

** Schedule changes due to weather and track condition will be posted on our Facebook Page