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Riders can earn points in the following categories: District, State/Provincal, National, Gold Cup

For multi-point tabulating, the overall point earned including rider points, are multiplied corresponding to the event (i.e. double, triple or quadruple). 

Please note that there are no points earned for OPEN Class and OPEN and CRUISER class wins do not count for advancement.

At any race event, a Novice or Intermediate rider combined in a class with rider(s) of a higher skill level will receive the corresponding points from the higher skill level.  See "VII. Amateur Points" section on the BMX Canada rulebook for more detailed information. 

* When you check the following points on BMX Canada website, check the Race List to see which races have been posted.

District Points

Each province is divided into districts based on location and membership population. Riders earn points from January 1-December 15 at any race and those points go back to their district, (our district is BC02), in their respective category (Boys, Cruiser, Girls and Girls Cruiser).

At the end of the year, the rider’s bike number changes based on their ranking in the points. Memberships must be current through the end of the point season (December 15th) to earn year-end rankings and awards.

Provincial Championship Points

The Provincial Championship Series consists of multi-point races that award "provincial" points in addition to district points. Riders count their best 4 scores, plus up to 4 bonus points for racing single point races on or before July 15th. The #1 rider earns a custom number plate and a custom award, while the other top riders earn custom number plates.

Each rider’s final Provincial points total will be listed within the age group that corresponds with his/her actual age as of their respective Provincial Championship Final Race date.

Novice and Intermediate riders of the same age group will be turbulated together. (Number Plate Award - Green background with a white number)

Experts, Girls, Cruiser and Girl Cruiser will be separately tabulated by age group. (Number Plate Award - Blue background with a white number)

Canadian National Points

Canadian National Points show you the rider in each category that has beaten the most competition throughout the year to sit atop the point standings. We count a maximum of a riders best six (6) national scores, plus the Canadian Grand Nationals to determine a rider's overall ranking. Canadian National Number Plates will be awarded to the top 10% (maximum of 50) for each category for amateurs and 1-10 for the Pro Class.

Canadian National Age Group (C.N.A.G.) Points

Canadian National Age Group (C.N.A.G) is essentially the same as the Canadian National Points listing, but broken down by age groups.  We count a maximum of a riders best six (6) national scores, plus the Canadian Grand Nationals to determine a rider's overall ranking. Riders earning #1-#5 in Amateur/Class or Girls and #1-#3  in Cruiser or Girls Cruiser can proudly run the gray plate with black numbers.