Hello Everyone!

We are all super happy that we can finally begin getting the track ready to ride! (We do not have a start date- however wish to get the track ready so that we can get started as soon as we can!)

We are looking for a small group of volunteers to give us a helping hand!
Saturday, May 16
Sunday, May 17
Monday, May 18
TIME: 1pm - 4pm
In light of COVID-19 and the required physical distancing measures, the work parties will look a little different this year. Please see below for a summary of how we are planning to make this all work:
1. Fewer people on the track at any given time - we are permitted to have only SIX people working at the same time. Once the 6 spots are filled, we will close this registration.
2. Bring your own tools - unfortunately, we cannot share the tools this year. Please bring your own shovel, rake or other weeding tools.
3. No concession or shared food stations - we cannot offer lunch as in past years, but will have water and a few other cold beverages available.
Please sign up on the Google Sheet below ⬇️ for the day or days that you are available to help.
Bring the kids if you like - the pump track is open and we can always put them to work too.
Thank you in advance for caring enough to volunteer!