Racing is on for this Thursday Aug 12th. Its going to be a hot one so bring extra water.  Registration in advance is required.

On Saturday the 14th we are going to have a modified practice. No coaching.  Ethan and Tyler are still away. We are going to start gate practice at 9:30 am run it until 10:30 then from 10:30-12:30 we need volunteers for a bit of track maintenance.  

The weeds are encroaching on the straights quite a bit, a couple of the jumps are loosing dirt on the sides and some pavement needs patching. But, mainly we need people for weeding. The more volunteers the merrier and faster it goes. Any time you can spend helping out will be much appreciated.  If you can help bring any weeding tools you might have - and gloves too!  

Register for both things here: