North Shore BMX is well on its way to its third race of the year, after completing the second race today!!! It was an incredible day which helped bring out the masses. Again we had riders show up from varying places which helped set the pace on a real BMX atmosphere. 

The first jump on the track is something of mountain which kids from 7 and on have started to jump!! We are so happy to see riders develop skills applicable to racing whilst having fun. We enjoyed watching the girls and woman throwing down over that bad boy too!! 

After the races, in some sense, can be explained as the best part of the day. So many people stayed after to session the track. That was the time when challenges, dares, looking for fun and fast lines was all going down!! Session like these are so valuable to picking up knowledge without feeling like its a classroom. So after the races hang out and see who is sessioning to pick up some tricks.

At the end of the day, everyone had fun, shared techniques and got a little better in the dirt on BMX bikes :)

Thank you so much for the volunteers!! We desperately need you to make it work :)

See you next week!!

Go check out some race pics posted on the FB page and results posted on our website!