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Cristian Becerine

Filed under National Champions on December 12, 2013 | Comment(s)

Last year, Cristian Becerine made BMX history by being the first South American (born) to win a U.S. National No.1 Championship. 
Matt Pohlkamp's already got one, Carne$ has six of them .. but SE's Javier Colombo still has yet to slap a Vet Pro No.1 on his plate (although, he has been a former UCi Elite World Champ). For 2013, it looked as if the title chase for the 33+ year old Pros would again come down to Colombo or Becerine. That, it did.
Without a doubt, it was a nil-biter all the way down to the third main. Colombo had a shot, but rode politely, while just like the year before - Becerine left it all on teh track and wasn't about to back down in a Championship fight like this. In the end, it once again went to Becerine - in his final race for FreeAgent~Rockstar.

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