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2018 BMX Canada National Series is announced

Filed under General on November 07, 2017 | Comment(s)

The 2018 BMX Canada National Schedule has just been released, and things are looking brighter than ever for the Canadian circuit. 

STOP 1: Chilliwack, BC

The awesome indoor in Chilliwack continues the kick-off tradition; beginning (and ending) the Canadian national series in the same location. Just one hour from the border crossing in Blaine, Washington, the entire NW BMX crew loves going to Chilliwack. Always a great track, always great racing!  



The biggest news for 2018 is that in order to even out the Western and Eastern scores, the Canadian series will cross the Canada/U.S. border for the first time ever - with the East Coast National in Trumbull, CT counting for BMX Canada national points.  By adding on Trumbull, Ontario racers have the same number of BMX Canada events as the BC'ers. Plus - keep in mind, Connecticutt is also a 3-Day'er. 

 STOP 3: North Vancouver, BC





STOP 5: Nanaimo, BC

Ever since it hosted the ABA World Cup, the BMX world has looked forward to returning to the Harbour-side city of Nanaimo - located on Vancouver Island, and accessible via a direct ferry from both Tsawwassen or Horseshoe Bay. With a ton of fun post-race activities (anyone up for bungee-jumping off a bridge?) to be had, along with great restaurants, this is always an unforgettable road trip.  


 STOP 6: Milton, ONTARIO



STOP 7: Vernon, BC


 FINAL STOP: Canadian GRANDS - Chilliwack, BC

Like we have done for nearly a decade now, BMX Canada will cap off the 2018 series the same way, at the same place we started. With the Canadian National No.1 titles on the line, the action is always intense as the entire season comes down to this very race. The Canadian Grands grows each year in rider count, and 2018 is sure to be a record-setting event.




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