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2018 USA BMX Cajun Nationals Race Report

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Who would have thought that a 270º first turn would have caused so much commotion? National Track Builder Billy Allen had a something up his sleeve for the racers visiting West Monroe, LA for the Cajuns. We saw more than a few riders scratching their heads during practice as they tried to plan their attack for the crisscrossing tabletop at the entry and exit of the turn. In the end, most racers loved the change of scenery and figured out the looped wonder. 


This race once again played host to the USA Cycling Collegiate National Championships and saw Marian University win its 6th title in a row. Senior Felicia Stancil dominated all weekend and earned herself a stars and bars jersey. Her teammate Alec Bob won every lap he entered outside of the final one and would fall to 4th overall. Lindsey Wilson College’s Dustin Hammond would take advantage of Bob’s slid out in turn one and win the main on Sunday. His third on Saturday compiled enough points to take the individual men's title. 


Bolivia made its way to Louisiana as the Crisitodulo family came to contend for some wins. Grecia, the younger sibling, did just that by weaving her way to the front of the pack in 12 Girls both days. Her brother Cristhian would grab a 4th place in the Pro Open class. We hear that they may be attending a few more nationals on the circuit. Bienvenidos!

The 10 Expert class got a big surprise as Tarin Fields made a statement and nearly doubled on Saturday. He hails from Spokane Washington and is this month’s Carve feature. 


7 Year old Michael Cuthbert had the track wired by Sunday and won both 7 & Under Cruiser and the 7 Expert class. Must have been the Mohawk! 


Alexis Alden aka “AA” was just about unstoppable anytime she was on the track. She was perfect on the weekend outside of a slide out that happened in the 10 Girls main on Saturday. Louisiana girl Gabriella Pavone narrowly avoided Alden’s bike and went on to win.


Adventure’s Alexandra Hill also had quite a successful venture at the Cajuns by winning 13 Girls both days and by grabbing a huge holeshot from gate 7 in Sunday’s 13-14 Girls Cruiser main. 


Cristian Ricks made the best of his trip to the Bayou state by doubling in 26-35 Expert and 31-35 Cruiser. He was followed closely on the big bike by NAG Champion Chris Sutton and by Dr. Harley Kelley, MD who took a weekend off from his neonatal practice to come have some fun in the dirt.


The “Z” is not only known for her awesome podium antics, but she’s pretty fast on the track too. Throdwn’s Zoe Dannenberg brought her broom to Louisiana and swept 8 Girls and 7-8 Mixed Open on Saturday. 


The 2018 Cajuns will definitely go down in the history books with one of the most unique indoor track designs in history and with awesome racing. We hope you got you some mudbugs while you were there!

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