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2018 Helmet Buyer's Guide

Filed under General on May 10, 2018 | Comment(s)

When purchasing a BMX helmet, there are many factors to consider. Being as it protects your brain, price shouldn’t be your deciding reason. How well will it protect your head? Does it have MIPS technology - or better? It is DOT approved? How much does it weigh? How does it feel, and how much air-flow do you get? Here, we’ve attempted to answer as many of those questions for you as possible. 

CLICK on the images below to see the complete selection - do your research and then head to your local bike shop to try some on. 

Image Gallery

  • 01-helmetbuyers_guide2018_mxw60_mxh60_e1
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  • 15-helmetbuyers_guide2018_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • 16-helmetbuyers_guide2018_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • 17-helmetbuyers_guide2018_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • 18-helmetbuyers_guide2018_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • 19-helmetbuyers_guide2018_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • 20-helmetbuyers_guide2018_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • 21-helmetbuyers_guide2018_mxw60_mxh60_e1
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  • 23-helmetbuyers_guide2018_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • 24-helmetbuyers_guide2018_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • 25-helmetbuyers_guide2018_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • 26-helmetbuyers_guide2018_mxw60_mxh60_e1