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Dixieland National race report

Filed under General on May 01, 2019 | Comment(s)

Stop No. 11 on the USA BMX National series tour brings us to Cobb County BMX in
Powder Springs, GA where long time Track Operator Margie Hatfield had the track looking and
riding better than ever. This is the third year we raced on this fairly-new V-shaped track and the
racing action did not disappoint, and neither did the weather, being sunny and in the 70’s all
three days.

With the 2019 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Manchester running parallel to this
weekend’s Dixieland National there were some obvious big names missing from the Moto
sheets in the US. One name however that was not missing was Connor Fields, returning for his
first event on the USA BMX National Series tour due to an injury in January of this year, he
managed to claim the top spot on the podium both Friday and Saturday in the AA Pro class.
Tanner Sebesta scored second place finishes both Friday and Saturday, leaving Corey Reid and
Kenneth Gustofson behind grabbing third Friday and Saturday respectively. In the Womens Pro
class Ashley Verhagen took first place both Friday and Saturday, followed by Rachel Mydock
Friday and Rachel Jones Saturday, and Shealen Reno picked up third place both days. Tyler
Faoro and Anthony Bucardo picked up their first A Pro wins for the year Friday and Saturday

On the amateur side Lola Jonjevic was the clear winner for the weekend with 5 wins
overall having only lost one lap due to a mishap when running way out front all by herself in
turn two allowing her next closest competitor Avery Jones to cash in on her bad luck on Sunday
in the 10 Expert Girls class.
Wyatt Hicks managed to fend off charging opponents both days to claim his top podium spot in
8 Cruiser.
In the 10 Cruiser class Tommy Bruney managed to come from behind both days to steal the

Caitlyn Farmer showed how to use her home track advantage to claim a win both days in 15-16
Girls Cruiser by swooping under leader Tiffany Huber in the turns.
Ava Corley was unstoppable winning both the 12 Expert Girls and 11-12 Girls Cruiser classes.
Local rider Matteo Pigo picked up a pair of birthday presents by winning the 9-10 Open plus 10
Expert class on his birthday, and just missed beating winner Chris Felker back to the line in
Sunday’s 10 Expert class.
The 11 Expert class did not disappoint starting with Ryder Lawrence coming from gate eight like
a rocket to take the early lead and narrowly managing to fend off the previous days charging 11
Expert winner Cole Frederick in a final turn battle, Frederick came from third place on the
second straight and finally was in a good place to make a pass at Lawrence in the last turn but
just couldn’t pull it off.

Recently Signed Throdwn rider Peter Choat picked up two open and one 14 Expert win for his
new team.
Other notable winners were Brooke Walski for winning all of her 7-8 Mixed Open plus 8 Expert
Girls races, as well as Chad Street who won all four of 41-45 Cruiser and Expert class races.
That’s it from Dixieland, we’ll see ya at our next stop, The Golden State Nationals.

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