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Music City BMX race report

Filed under General on June 04, 2019 | Comment(s)

Stop No. 14 on the USA BMX National series tour brings us to Music City BMX in
Nashville Tennessee, home of the fastest first straight in BMX. The temps were hot, and the
racing action was even hotter, with 94-degree sunny days and no rain in the forecast
you couldn’t ask for a better outlook for a Memorial Day weekend National event. Music
City BMX seems to one-up themselves every year, between track upgrades, some of
the best 50/50 prizes, and this year’s Tribute to our Veteran’s & Captain Turnbull. A
portion of their proceeds were also donated to the Gary Sinise Foundation, to help &
serve those who give so very much for our Freedom.

A Pro Day-one had Tyler Petty, Josh Samells, and Jayce Cunning finishing in
that order, and Day-Two Tyler Petty, and Jayce Cunning swapped finishes with Anthony
Bucardo finishing second.
Vet Pro’s Johnathan Suarez and Carlos Manrique-Montesinos finished first and
second both days, with Miguel Castro taking third on Day-One and Luciano Correa
taking third on Day-two.
Women’s Junior riders Payton Ridenour, Emily Hayes, and Ashley Hayes
finished first, second and third both days, as did Women’s Elite riders Alise Willoughby,
Felicia Stancil, and Ashley Verhagan.
Junior Men’s Day-one finishes were, Cameron Wood, Gavin Freewalt, and
Spencer Cole.
Day-two Junior Men by far packed the most action into a single lap, even though
Cameron Wood flew down the first straight the quickest, Gate-one rider Cameron
Bramer was able to use his starting position to stay just on the inside of Wood in the first
turn and push out to the white line leaving Wood behind him. The previous days second
place Gavin Freewalt and third place Spencer Cole fought hard but never could catch
Wood and Bramer after the first straight. Bramer, on the second straight, now with at
least a bike length lead looked like he would be the sure winner, but Wood closed in on
him at the end of the third straight and jumped the final double of the third straight from
the outside diagonally into the bottom of turn three and got payback on Bramer when he
swooped under him for the final pass that brought Wood to victory, leaving Cameron
Bramer in second and Spencer Cole in third.
Elite Men’s Joris Daudet won both days, with Corbin Sharrah and Romain
Mahieu finishing second and third on Day-one and Conner Fields and Kenneth
Gustofson finishing second and third on Day-two.

17-20 Cruiser class was even more exiting on Saturday when Louis Kaminski
was able to pump past Friday and Sundays winner Tyler (T-MAC) Mcguire on the third
straight and Saturday’s second place finisher Noah Tanker right before the line.
Newly signed THRODWN rider Ava Corley is still unstoppable in the 12 Expert
Girls class on the East Coast and there were some heavy hitters in town this weekend.

17-20 Women’s class also had some great racing action all three days, even
though Stephani Morin won two out of the three races they weren’t easy wins and
Daleny Vaughn won Saturday after taking the early lead, while Morin was stuck in traffic
trying to get to the front.
Cole Frederick easily Flat-Pedaled his way to the top podium spot in the 11
Expert class with a large lead all three days, it just shows that you don’t have to clip in
to win in the expert boy’s classes.
After three riders fell before the first obstacle in the 13 Expert class on Sunday,
Gavin Stazetski’s weekend winning streak came to an end, he won the initial race on
Sunday with a healthy lead, but couldn’t get going in the re-run of the moto after the ten
moto break and finished 5 th , with Cedric Cade coming in first instead.
Angel Montoya almost had a perfect weekend in the 14 Expert class, he was so
far out-front Friday and Saturday he looked untouchable, but Blaise Pereira and Peter
Choat swooped under him in the first turn on Sunday and slowed him down enough that
he was unable to catch-up to them, leaving the finishing order, Blaise Pereira, Peter
Choat and Angel Montoya in third.
That’s it from Nashville, overall it was a great weekend of super-fast racing with
very little carnage and tons of heat, see ya at the next one!

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