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River Valley BMX Map

7800 Riverside Rd E
Sumner WA 98360
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Track Operator:
Tammy Funke
[email protected]

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Purchase Membership

To purchase a USA BMX Membership online click the link below, fill out your infomation and MAKE SURE TO SELECT RIVER VALLEY BMX #115

Print off your membership receipt/card and make sure to bring it with you to the track!

Race fees still apply to all memberships. $15 for a pedal bike and $5 for a Strider


FREE 1-Day Membership - For the new novice rider to have a chance to experience the sport (must be acquired at the track).

  • Valid at any sanctioned track.
  • For practice and single-points races only. 


Balance Bike Membership ($40 USD) - For the young toddler rider 

  • Official membership card.     
  • For use with no pedal / balance bikes.
  • No points awarded.
  • Convertible within a 6 month period to a full membership with a conversion fee. A conversion will keep the same expiration date as the Balance Bike membership.

Full Membership ($80 USD)

  • Official membership card.
  • One-year subscription to PULL magazine (1st family membership only).
  • Annual tracking of points for all races.
  • Temporary number plate and New Rider Manual (can be picked up at local track).
  • Family discounts for 2nd and 3rd (or additional) family members. 2nd Family Membership $70 and 3rd Family Membership $60

Gold Membership ($350 USD) 

  • This is an "upgrade" from a Full Membership that is a tremendous value for national riders.
  • Official membership card.
  • First-class subscription to PULL magazine.
  • Annual tracking of points for all races.
  • "Gold Card member only" line at all national events.
  • One (1) "free" Open class entry at any national at the time of purchase.
  • One (1) "free" Open class entry at any national after racing ten 10 nationals in a calendar year.
  • One (1) "free" Open entry at any national after racing 20 single point local races in a calendar year.
  • SPOT Insurance coverage at all sanctioned events.
  • Unlimited timing at all USA BMX national events (transponder not included).
  • Free entry to USA BMX National Hall of Fame Museum.