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Desoto BMX Map

Grimes Park 500 E. Centre Park Blvd
Desoto TX 75115
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Track Operator:
Chris Allen, Track Operator
Casey Allen, Track Operator
[email protected]

Cole Fisher
Rob Drolet
Casey Allen

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Volunteer Policy

All Volunteers are on a first come-first serve basis and must be a friend or family member of a USA BMX rider .  Each volunteer must agree to work from the beginning of practice until after races are completed.  All volunteers must check in with the office staff upon arrival to determine the needs for a practice and/or race night.

A Volunteer must stay for the entire event to get a free practice or race for himself/herself or a family member.  

Board members are expected to voulunteer at the track as much as possible and help with the functions of the track on a regular basis.

Each Volunteer must follow the volunteer policy.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer talk to Casey Allen or email [email protected]

We would like to thank everyone that volunteers and gives of their time to the track. We truly appreciate all of you and we couldn't run the track without each of you!!!