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Lately the behavior of some of the riders in staging has been completely unacceptable. We want the kids to have fun but when they are not listening, hitting, rough housing in staging chutes and creating more work and taking more time for the volunteers working staging, it needs to stop. This is mainly the younger Intermediate/Expert group who by now should know what is acceptable behavior in staging. IF the stager has to say something- the rider will get 1 warning, after that they will be asked to leave the race or practice.


If the parents have a problem with this- they need to read the following rules regarding behavior and staging- you are more than welcome to come volunteer and work staging to get a first hand experience of what bad behavior does to mess up and slow down staging. When there are 100+ riders in staging- this is not the place for horse-play. I have given the stagers authority to remove a rider if needed and will stand behind their decision.


With two or three stagers calling for riders- if you are not in the chute for your race we will not hold the gate, as you have been given lots of time and chances to make your moto.



Let’s all make this a smooth and fun experience for all riders- and show the novice riders what acceptable behavior is in staging. Should you have questions please come talk to us.

Thank you & See you at the track-

Sean Coleman

Track Operator


**Rules for the USABMX rule book- regarding staging & rider/parent behavior**

  • The stager shall be the person calling the racers to their motos. They have complete charge of the staging area and starting hill area.

  • Any rider not responding to the call of his/her name or number in staging has one minute to get to the staging area. The starter is never required to hold a gate for a missing rider. It is the responsibility of each rider and that rider’s pit crew, (Ex: parents, guardian or sponsor), to be in the staging area when necessary and be prepared to race.

  • Parents of any rider six to eight years of age may accompany their rider through the staging area. However, these parents are NOT ALLOWED to assist their rider at or on the starting gate.

  • Parents of riders nine years of age and older may accompany their rider through the chutes but must exit the staging area upon exiting the chutes. These same parents may not be at or on the starting gate..

  • No filming or cameras shall be allowed on the starting hill or in the gate area. Riders may have a camera attached to their equipment if affixed with approved mounting devices.

  • A rider may be disqualified or suspended for his/ her actions or the actions of his/her parent(s), or accompanying party.

  • A parent/guardian or accompanying party may have their event attendance privilege revoked for their own actions or actions of their rider(s).