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How the Points System Works

 Amateur Points

A. Points

1. The district points racing season will run from January 1 through December 15 of each year.

2. The national season begins January 1 of each year and concludes at the Grand National.

3. The State / Provincial and Gold Cup season begins January 1 of each year and concludes at the finals for the respective series.

4. District points are tabulated using the total accumulated points method. A rider earning the highest points will be the #1 rider in the following categories: • Boys • Girls • Cruiser • Girl Cruiser

5. Members can earn points in the following categories: District, State, Gold Cup, Divisional and National.

6. At all races, riders earn points for their finish in the main, plus points for each rider in their class. For multi-point tabulating, the overall points earned including rider points, are multiplied corresponding to the event (i.e. double, triple or quadruple).

7. There are no points earned for Open Class.

8. Any rider, Novice or Inter, combined in a class with rider(s) of a higher skill level will receive the corresponding points from the higher skill level. This applies to any type of points being awarded: District, Gold Cup, State / Provincial, National. These points will apply to the riders home district or age group, whichever may apply.

9. A Girl rider combined into a boy Inter class will receive 12 13 points from the corresponding Girl class, VII. Amateur Points / Points Tables. (Ex: The Girl rider will compete for Girl points while Intermediates will compete for Intermediate points.) Female Novices will receive points corresponding to the Novice points table.

10. A rider may race in any district. Points will accumulate in the riders home district.

11. The location of predominant residence and/or where a rider attends school will determine that rider’s home district.

12. Any rider that changes residence must notify the Sanction within 30 days. Any rider misrepresenting his/ her residence may be suspended and possible forfeiture of points.

13. No rider may transfer into a district and assume the #1 position in points. The transferring rider will be positioned in the #2 placement forfeiting as many points as necessary to show one point less than the current #1 rider.

14. The deadline for district transfers is August 1 of each season. After this date, riders will remain in their respective district even if geographic move has been made.

15. The overall year-end district standings will be published on-line. The number that precedes each rider’s name will be that rider’s earned district number for the year.

16. In the event of a tie between two or more members in final district points, the following will be used to break the ties. a) Most first place finishes* b) Most second place finishes* c) Most third place finishes* d) Most fourth place finishes* e) Most fifth place finishes* f) Lowest rider number of last season g) Earliest membership date * Only finishes within the bike type count, for example cruiser wins only count for cruiser points.

17. Points become final 30 days after being posted to the website



District Points
  Novice Inter. Expert
1st 25 pts. 50 pts. 100 pts.
2nd 20 pts. 40 pts. 80 pts.
3rd 15 pts. 30 pts. 60 pts.
4th 12 pts. 25 pts. 50 pts.
5th 10 pts. 20 pts. 40 pts.
6th 7 pts. 15 pts. 30 pts.
7th 5 pts. 10 pts. 20 pts.
8th 3 pts. 5 pts. 10 pts.
*All riders will receive one point for each rider in their class.
Redline Cup / State / Provincial Points*
  Novice Inter. Expert
1st 18 pts. 19 pts. 20 pts.
2nd 17 pts. 18 pts. 19 pts.
3rd 16 pts. 17 pts. 18 pts.
4th 15 pts. 16 pts. 17 pts.
5th 14 pts. 15 pts. 16 pts.
6th 13 pts. 14 pts. 15 pts.
7th 12 pts. 13 pts. 14 pts.
8th 11 pts. 12 pts. 13 pts.
DNQ 10 pts. 10 pts. 10 pts.
*There are no rider points added to this points table.
National Amateur Points
  Novice Inter. Expert
1st 60 pts. 120 pts. 240 pts.
2nd 50 pts. 100 pts. 200 pts.
3rd 40 pts. 80 pts. 160 pts.
4th 30 pts. 60 pts. 120 pts.
5th 20 pts. 40 pts. 80 pts.
6th 10 pts. 20 pts. 40 pts.
7th 8 pts. 15 pts. 30 pts.
8th 5 pts. 10 pts. 13 pts.
DNQ 10 pts. 10 pts. 20 pts.
*All riders will receive one point for each rider in their class.