As the 2023 Greater Victoria BMX Association season approaches it's time to start thinking about the amazing community we are so lucky to have. Our Association is run by a dedicated group of volunteer executives who work tirelessly all year long planning, coordinating, fundraising and maintaining our track for all of us to enjoy. As we get ready to hear the gate drop and see racers hit the first turn we must also think about helping fill the many volunteer positions required for Races and Practices. In order to race we must have each of these positions filled. It is important that we all help fill these positions throughout the season so it allows everyone to participate and enjoy our amazing sport.

If you have never volunteered before don't worry, we are here to help teach and train you for each position. Volunteers are not required to help at every event but it is very much appreciated that people help when they can. If we all help out even for just 1/2 hour – 1 hour once every couple of weeks then we can all spread the work and everyone can enjoy our awesome sport. Below is a brief description of some of the positions that must be filled prior to each race. Once registration opens for a race you will be able to place your name beside a position you are interested in volunteering for.

Corner Worker - 2 corner workers are on the track during the races monitoring for crashes. These workers are positioned at the top of corner 1 and Corner 2. These volunteers alert riders and other track officials of a downed rider by raising and waving an orange flag. We must have a minimum of 2 corner workers for each race. For practices it is not required but it is beneficial to have at least one corner worker for the safety of all riders.

Gate Operator - Operates the gate during races/practices, watches to make sure that the racers are safe and needs to pay attention to the corner workers in case the gate needs to be held due to a crash on the track.

30ft Line Official - This worker stands at the 30ft Line located at the bottom of the start hill and monitors riders to ensure they do not intentionally impede the progress of another rider during the first 30 feet of the race. If a rider is witnessed intentionally impeding another rider within the first 30 feet then this worker notifies the Head Track Official

Staging Official - 2 stagers help sort riders into the correct motos ( race grouping) and lane at the top of the staging area. Staging volunteers are provided with moto sheets that list each race, riders and lanes.

Finish Line Official - 2 Finish Line Officials monitor the Finish line and record the order that the riders cross the finish line by recording the plate number on the front of the bike in the order that they cross the line in each race.