Bring your pit bikes for a fun race!!

Don't forget to keep working on your fundraising efforts for our RACE FOR LIFE fundraising!!! -

Sign-ups 10:00-10:30am full track racing after balance bike/ half trackers race.

-Striders/half track racers register by 10:45, practice cones go out at 10:50 racing at 11:00 am.

Race Fees: $7 single rider, $20 for a family 3+ riders and $4 for balance bike/half trackers.

If your running late please call the motoshed at 604-514-2691 

We are always looking for volunteers so if you can help let us know and we will hook you up with a job.

Especially watering the track before racing and helping to put away hoses after! Even 5 minutes makes a big difference:) thanks so much and happy racing!