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Vernon BC V1T 8X4
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Shylo Orchard
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Getting Started

What kind of a bike do I need to race BMX?


BMX racing does not require you to have expensive equipment. The bike you currently own is fine to race. You just need to ensure you have removed the chain guard, kickstand, reflectors, bells, baskets and any other extra attachments.


All bikes need to have brakes which are in good working order. If you are riding a bike that has gears, you need to find a gear that will allow you to pedal the entire track as you may not shift gears during a race. No training wheels are allowed, however, there is a Balance bike class for the little ones.


What equipment do I need?

Helmet:  A helmet is required for all riders on the track. It is strongly recommended that it be one with full face protection.  Guidelines state that the helmet must have a permanent strap attached and snaps are not permitted. The helmet must have sufficient padding and be of good quality and fit properly.

Clothing:  You will need to wear a long sleeve shirt and long pants. Jeans work well tucked into socks on the chain side (or shorts with approved leg protection like knee and shin guards).

Running shoes with good gripping soles.

Gloves are also recommended.

Clip shoes are not allowed for any riders 12 or younger of any ability.

When do I get to race?

In Vernon, our local race night is every Tuesday night; our season schedule is posted on the website.

The cost is $5.50 a race payable upon registering.

We do our best to start racing by 6:30pm.

Motos or races are set-up by a computer program provided to us by BMX Canada and adhere to the rules in the Rulebook.

Balance Bike Rules

How do I earn club points?

Club points are based on overall finish for the evening. Vernon BMX Club awards rider points as follows:

  • 1st 10 points

  • 2nd 9 points

  • 3rd 8 points

  • 4th 7 points

  • 5th 6 points

  • 6th 5 points

  • 7th 4 points

  • 8th 3 points

Vernon BMX awards each rider in a Transfer Race 1 extra rider point.

Half Trackers earn ½ the club points:

  • 1st 5 points

  • 2nd 4 points

  • 3rd 3 points

  • 4th 2 points

There are also other points systems for riders.

  • District – Vernon is in District BC04.

  • Provincial

  • Canadian National

  • USA National

  • National Age Group points


The BMX Canada rulebook explains how a rider can earn these points.