Whenever possible, please pre-register online to reduce the stress on our volunteers at the window.
You can find pre-registration HERE in the schedule section of this website.
Pre reg will be available from 8am until 5:45pm on race days or 15 minutes prior to in person close at special events.
What you will need in order to register.
-The parent or adult rider will need to create their own profile on bmxcanada.org and provide credit card information within that profile. (PLEASE NOTE. do not use your child's info as your profile)
-Onceyour profile is complete, go to the pre-reg button on the vernonbmx.com/schedule for the race date you want to register for.
Clicking that button should take you to the bmxcanada.org online registration page. Follow the prompts, either search your rider by name or by license number and register them.
Make sure you choose the correct plate the rider is running. All earned numbers for the year will be avaialble, so you may have more than one number available for each class. These are the only numbers you should be running and are automatically updated every year.
- You should get a confirmation email once the process is complete, please check spam folders if you do not.
It is also not possible to register the same rider twice for the same event, and it should indicate a registration already exists.