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Carrie Jane Gray Park 323 Del Laverdure Way
Prince George BC V2N4Z5
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Track Operator:
Renee Hurtubise

[email protected]

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Supertrak BMX Code of Conduct

We are a volunteer run organization that is dedicated to promoting the sport of BMX racing.

Rider's Code of Conduct

- I race because I want to.

- I will ride by the rules.

- I will have a positive attitude.

- I will respect my opponents.

- I will remember that winning isn't everything- that having fun, improving my skills, making friends and doing my best are the most important.

- I will treat all spectators and participants with respect.

- I will lead by example and always demonstrate good sportsmanship before and after races.

- I will respect the officials and their authority during races.

- I will respect all facilities and equipment made available.

- I will always be polite, positive and respectful of all people involved.

Parent's Code of Conduct

- I will not force my child to race BMX.

- I will not compete through my child.

- I will encourage my child to ride by the rules and to resolve conflict in a positive manner.

- I will teach my child that doing one's best is more important then winning.

- I will teach my child to do their best.

- If I get angry at my child I will agree to compete myself to see how hard it is.

- I will remember that children learn by example. I will applaud good riding and performances by both my child and their opponents.

- I will respect and show appreciation for the volunteers who give their time to BMX for my child.

This Code of Conduct is in place for all BMX events both at Supertrak BMX and at races or practices away from Supertrack BMX.

The consumption of illegal drugs, performance enhancing or social, by competitors/parents/spectators at any BMX event is prohibited. The smoking of cigarettes is not encouraged and is strongly discourages at BMX venues. Smokers must be 150m away from any sanctioned event.

No running onto track if your rider/child falls, track officals will access the situation and if deemed necessary you will be notified to come onto the track.

Riders and Parents not abiding by this Code of Conduct may, at the discretion of the race director/official or Supertrak BMX Executive, be disqualified or suspended and/or removed from the track.

Thank you for your cooperation and kind understanding.

Supertrak BMX Executives