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Carrie Jane Gray Park 323 Del Laverdure Way
Prince George BC V2N4Z5
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Track Operator:
Renee Hurtubise

[email protected]

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Supertrak BMX News

  • 2023 Schedule

    Mondays Practice nights must register with registration 6 - 8 pm $2 per rider Tuesdays and Thursdays race nights Registration 5:30 - 6 Racing to follow $7 fulltrack race fee $5 strider/half trackers race fee Full face helmets, long sleeves, long pants and enclosed shoes to ride  


    With the incredible amount of new and existing half trackers, (which is awesome!!), we have a few reminders to keep things running smoothly: - Ensure your rider is going the right direction at all times - One parent/helper per rider (if they need help) - If they are struggling to get up the hills, please help them. - As much as possible, keep them from stopping - Keep off sideslopes of obstacles - If they fall down, help them up and carry on, or remove them and their ...

  • Always assume there is racing

    Always assume there is racing on scheduled races as the weather in Prince George is different in every part of the city. We will post if a race is cancelled.  

  • New Plate Numbers

    Riders please remember that you will get a new number every year. It is the riders responsiblity to make sure they have the right number on their bikes. If you are unsure of your number please ask at registration. If you purchase a new plate the numbers are included, but remember if you are using the old plate we do charge for new numbers.  Front Plates are $12.00 each Side Plates are $10.00 each Both Plates together are $20.00   Number Stickers are $1.00 each