**Don't forget to sign up for the Ken Cools Clinic that is happening in June 2019**

We are happy to announce that Ken Cools will be coming to the track June14 - June 16, 2019, for a one night coaching clinic for parents, and a two day training clinic for riders.

Ken Cools has been coaching BMX for most of his life. He has experience as a High Performance and Development BMX Coach. Ken is a Level 4 NCCP/Chartered Professional Coach. He has coached all over Canada, USA and New Zealand. He works with World and Olympic Champions.

Ken and his team will be here to hold a 2 day training camp for our riders on Saturday June 14 & Sunday June 15.

The areas that will be focused on during the camp will be skills on the track, such as,  pumping, manualing, jumping, gates, and turns. As well as, mental toughness skills, tactical, technical, physiological and psychological components of racing; race day prep, and  training on and off the track.

The coaching clinic on Friday June 14,  will start at 5:30 pm for those parents who are interested.

Saturday and Sundays clinics are from 10am -3pm each day.

The cost for the 2 day camp is $150.00 per rider. Fees are non-refundable.

*Please also note that parents must stay with their rider during the clinic each day.

We are taking registration for the 2 day camps now. Payment must be made at time of registration. If you are interested please come to registration when track is open. You must pre-register for this camp so we know how many riders we are going to have.

This is a great opportunity for our riders.