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22843 Creek Road
Chatham ON
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Track Operator:
Tom Maciejowski
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Wolfe Creek BMX Club Rules


Welcome to a new season here at Wolfe Creek!  We have some new track rules that we would like ALL parents and riders to review, as well as reminders of previous track rules.  Our track is very friendly and easy-going…but, we feel rules, especially concerning safety, is a great way to help our track run smoothly.

New CLUB Rules:


1) REMAIN IN GATED AREA:  Riders and family must remain in gated area at all times.  Please no exploring outside the gated area and no riding bikes down the entrance lane way section.

2) SUPERVISION: Parents must supervise children (18 and under) at all times.  If a parent must leave Wolfe Creek please appoint an adult to supervise your child.

3) SPECTATORS: We encourage family and friends to come out and watch the practice/races and support the riders.  Spectators are to watch from behind the fenced area, preferably on the stands or in chairs.  No horseplay, hide and seek, tag, or games on the stands or in spectator areas.  This causes a safety issue for those playing, vehicles entering and leaving the driveway, and is a distraction for the riders and volunteers.

4) PHOTOGRAPHY: All photography must take place in spectator area behind fence.  Requests for "on the track" photography, for special occasions, must be approved by executive and a set date/time can be made. Parents/Riders please sign the waiver stating whether you grant permission for photos to be taken of your child/children.  You can find this on your registration form.

5) CLIMBING: No climbing on the berms, trees or fences at anytime.

6) BIKES AND HUT: Bikes and helmets must be signed out by a volunteer ADULT.  No children allowed in the storage units or in the hut.

7) MUSIC: Please no iPods/music devices on track.  It poses a safety/distraction issue and prevents riders from being able to hear other riders or hear instructions and announcements.



1) NO STOPPING ON TRACK or REVERSE RIDING: Please, no stopping on the track/berms for resting and socializing.  Keep moving forward.  Due to the large numbers of riders on the track, and all at different riding abilities, we are asking for riders to NOT stop on the track. Repeated requests to keep moving on the track may result in a rider being asked to rest or socialize off the track until ready to safely ride again.

No riding the track in reverse layout.

2) PARENTS ON TRACK: No one is allowed on the track except for riding members, officials, approved volunteers, and strider rider/parents on Strider practice/race nights. If your child has fallen, the track volunteer will let you know when it is safe to enter the track and tend to your child.

3) STRIDERS: We are hoping to run strider racing this year!  Strider riders are also called “half-trackers” because they generally ride and race only the last half of the track.  There will be set times for strider riders on the main track.  At this time there will be cones and/or safety tape placed on the track marking off the strider half of the track.  All older riders must remain off that half of the track on those designated times. Parents, please supervise your striders on their half of the track.



5) NO BIKE ZONES: No bikes in the moto posting areas or around the hut.  Please gently place your bike down near your vehicle and out of the way of others when you are not on the track. Please walk your bike in spectator areas.  We hold meetings prior to most races and children and parents meet up with executives at the hut…please do not bring your bikes to the meeting.

6) NO CUTTING THROUGH THE TRACK: Go the right direction at all times which is from the starting hill to the finish line.  Don't go up the starting hill from the front; always go up the back of the hill. There may be exceptional circumstances when a rider will not be riding the full track, such as when Striders are on the track, or during clinics or other instructional periods where a skill is repeated in one area.  Riders will receive specific instructions for these times.  For all other times, do not cut through the track as this is a significant safety issue.
7) RACING WINS: If you are a Novice or Intermediate rider, know how many races you've won.  Parents and riders please keep track. You may not receive your race points if you are racing out of class.  10 wins for novice and 20 wins for intermediate are needed to move up. Once your child has won the amount of races needed, please notify the registration executive.  We can help with this, but, we are not responsible.


1) ACCEPTABLE RIDING ATTIRE: Long sleeves, long pants or long shorts with approved shin pads, and a full face helmet are required to ride at Wolfe Creek. Gloves are strongly recommended.

2) BIKE RULES:  Reflectors, pegs and kickstands must be removed before riding the track.  The track executive reserves the right to ask you remove any unsafe components from your bike before riding

3) No profanity or “unsportsman-like” conduct is allowed.  This applies to riders, parents, and sponsors.  Throwing equipment will not be tolerated.

4) Every rider must sign in/register prior to entering the track for every practice and/or race.

5) No alcoholic beverages at the track.
6) No smoking is allowed within the main gate of the track.  Smoking section is located outside of the gates to the left of the trees.


Parents please go over these rules with your children to ensure a fun and safe environment for everyone. Thank you!