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Proficiency Advancement

Please note that it is the rider’s responsibility to advance in proficiency when they reach the required number of wins for advancement. Riding out of class will result in the forfeiture of points and possible suspension. See "III. Proficiency Advancement" section on the BMX Canada rulebook  for more detailed information.

The best way to find out how many wins you have is to check your race history on your Rider Profile pageOne of the best benefits of BMX Canada membership, you can have your own Rider Profile page which links up with your points and racing history and automatically build up a Virtual Trophy Room and display your earned number plates and ranking(s).

‚ÄčHere's the "STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO CREATE YOUR RIDER PROFILE". If you are a rider under the age of 13, your parent or legal guardian must create his/her own account before creating your rider profile.

* Please note some race results take some time to be processed and might not be on your Race History. We recommend that you keep track of your wins as well.

Novice to Intermediate (Male & Female Riders)

After attaining 10 class wins (of any type of race) or three (3) title wins (National, Grands, Gold Cup Final Sat or Sun, or Race of Champions), a Novice must advance to Intermediate. They can no longer compete as a Novice.


Intermediate to Expert (Male Riders)

Upon attaining 20 class wins (any type of race) or five (5) title wins (National, Grands, Gold Cup Final Sat or Sun, or Race of Champions), a male Intermediate will advance to Expert.  They can no longer compete as an Intermediate.


Intermediate to Girls (Female Riders)

Upon attaining 10 class wins (any type of race) or five (5) title wins (National, Grands, Gold Cup Final Sat or Sun, or Race of Champions), a female Intermediate will advance to Girls.  They can no longer compete as an Intermediate.


- A rider's wins will follow them throughout age changes and they carry over from year to year. The only time a rider's wins will "reset to zero" is when they move up to a new skill level.

- OPEN and CRUISER class wins do not count for advancement.

A rider may advance to the next higher proficiency voluntarily without acquiring the total amount of wins by registering to race in a higher proficiency. Just let BMX Canada know a rider's voluntary proficiency advancement. Please be aware that by this action the rider's right to reclassify is forfeited for one (1) full year.