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Chris Verhagen

Filed under National Champions on April 28, 2012 | Comment(s)

This isn't the first National No.1 Cruiser cup for Simi Valley's Chris Verhagen. He'd won it back in 2006, and then afterwards, celebrated by crashing bad the next year and busting up his ankle.  His road back to the top was a long one, but this BMX dad (father to Woman Pro Ashley Verhagen) kept at it and with a bit of luck, he re-captured the No.1 plate in one of the most exciting main events of the 2011 Grands. 
Also up for the title were Dave Archibald and "T.P." Todd Parry. In fact, Verhagen was the longshot, sitting further below in the point standings. All eyes were on T.P. and Arch, and they proceeded to put on one heck of a show. While Verhagen remained calm and cool and like a cobra, poised himself for the strike - Parry and Archibald went at it elbow-to-elbow, all the way to the last jump. It was there, that Archibald crashed-out, and Verhagen went from 3rd to 1st with a quick push at the finishline ... with only one foot on his pedal.

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