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Coaching Policy

USA BMX / BMX Canada Coaching Policy 

l. Types of Coaches

 1. Local Coach

    • A Local Coach must be asociated with a USA BMX Track.
    • A Local Coach is required for a track to participate in the USA BMX Racing League.
    • Any parent, volunteer, racer or TO may become a Local Coach.  No riding experience is necessary.
    • Upon completetion of the Coaching Program and Review Module a Coach must submit a New Rider Program Outline for their local track, signed by their Track Operator.  This outline will include goals that will be reviewed durning the renewal process of the coach.
    • All Planned coaching activity must be scheduled through the online scheduling system before a coaching license will be issued.
    • A local coach may not coach at a track where they are not regularly involved in the New Rider Program for that track.

2. Traveling Coach

Traveling Coaches are unique in their ability to offer expertise and experiences not always available at local tracks.  The goal of the Traveling Coach License is to provide these experiences without hindering the development of a Local Coach and a local New Rider Program.

Traveling Coach Licenses will be awarded based on a review process that will include the following:

    • The review of at least two Track Operators by the USA BMX Coaching Department regarding your request.
    • The completion of a Coaching Renewal Form and request to obtain a Traveling License.
    • Must have held a USA BMX Coach License for at least two (2) years.
      • The first year of a Traveling Coach License (third year coaching,) a Coach may coach at any track within their state or a 100 mile radius of the Coaches home track.
      • The second year of a Traveling Coach License (fourth year coaching,) a Coach may coach at any USA BMX / BMX Canada Track.


3.  Pro / Elite Guest and Guest Coach

    • A rider with a USA BMX / BMX Canada Professional Racing License may host/teach only three (3) clinics per year as "Special Guest" with a Licensed USA BMX Coach before that Professional rider is required to obtain a Coaching License.  This is to ensure Background Check, CPR, First Aid, Cuncussion and Safety Guidelines are met.
    • No person (non pro) who is not a coach may promote (brand) a clinic as their own, even if a coach is present.


ll. Coaching License Requirements

  1. Coaches must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Coaches must keep current Adult and Pediatric CPR and Basic First Aid (or equivalent certifications on record with USA BMX.
  3. Coaches must keep background check status through USA BMX current. (Renewed every two years.)
  4. Coaches must complete the CDC Heads Up For Coaches Online Training Module.
  5. Only currently licensed USA BMX Coaches are permitted to teach/host lessons or clinics on USA BMX Sanctioned Tracks.
  6. No person over the age of 18 may assist or coach in a lesson or clinic if they do not have a current USA BMX / BMX Canada Coaches License.  This is to enusre Background Check, CPR, First Aid, Concussion and Safety Standards are met.


lll.  Reporting Guidelines

  1. All clinics/lessons must be reported to USA BMX on a TORF with the following guidelines:
    • All clinics must be scheduled through the online scheduler.  Clinics are treated as practices and as such do not need approval from the Track Department to be scheduled.
    • All riders attending a clinic must be entered in Race Manager and reported when submitting the TORF for that clinic.
      • If a clinic is ran the same day as a race or general practice, the clinic must be entered as a separate event.
      • There is no extra fee for submitting a clinic TORF on the same day as a race or practice.
      • If a clinic is held it's own day, the standard practice fee will apply.
    • When creating the event for the clinic in race manager; the Race Class option must be Practice, the Race Type option must be Clinic.

  2. It is the responsibility of the Track Operator to ensure that any person teaching/hosting a lesson/clinic at their track is a USA BMX Coach with a current license.
  3. It is the responsibility of the Track Operator to ensure that each clinic is properly reported to USA BMX via a TORF.

  4. It is our goal to always improve our program.  If any person is found not following the outlined regulations above, the first course of action will always be work with the parties involved to create a positive solution.  

  5. If multiple infractions occur after attempts to rectify issues have been discussed, then possible sanctions including suspensions, loss of track points and fines may occur.