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    2018 Race of Champions

    It's the biggest single-day race in all of BMX - the Invitational 500-plus moto Race of Champions! Comprised of all of the top riders from every state, with a few Foreigners thrown in to Opens, the race for the Red No.1 plate kicks off the action in Tulsa.

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    Race for Life Top Fundraisers

    The 2018 RFL season has now concluded and all of the donation envelopes have been tallied and the overall Top-5 Fundraisers have been named - and Ryland Bricker takes home the top prize from Box Components and Thrill bikes.

  • Suns4061_mxw125_mxha_e0
    2018 Fall Nationals race report

    The nearly brand-new Lemoore BMX is INCREDIBLE! The facility is now a part of Lemoore Raceway, surrounded by a sand drag race strip, dirt track, and speedway, There is no doubt that it was created with hosting a national of this caliber in mind. It's amazing.

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    Golden Crank Voting is OPEN

    One of the most exciting features of Grands weekend is the announcement, one by one, of that year’s USA BMX Golden Crank awards. It is both one of our sport’s longest-running traditions, and among the highest honors BMX Racing has to offer.

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    2018 USA BMX Sunshine State Nationals Race Report

    There’s something pleasing about seeing the vibrant green grass against the orange slurried surface of Sarasota BMX. The nation’s oldest BMX facility played host to a USA BMX national for the first time in its illustrious history. Back in 2016 the facility went through a major overhaul and became the 2nd Supercross track in the state of Florida.

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    Gold Cup Finals NE - Akron OH

    Akron BMX Track, nestled up against the Akron Fulton International Airport, was the host track for the 2018 DK Northeast Gold Cup Finals. If having the Goodyear Airdock in the track’s backyard wasn’t cool enough, there is an official Soapbox Derby track located high up in the very same park.

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    Gold Cup Finals Southwest: Pro Showdown

    The Gold Cup Southwest returned to Chula Vista BMX; home of the Tuesday Night World Championships (where the who's-who of BMX Pros show up every Tuesday night for "practice"). So this year, for the first time ever, they got to race for Elite / UCI points on the familiar track.

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    2018 Derby City Nationals race report

    This is how the BMX World spends Labor Day weekend. Derby City BMX - located in E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park is one of our sport's longest lasting traditions. With their dual starting hills and high-speed course, Louisville remains many pros and top amateurs favorite track of all time. This is one race that is highly anticipated by ALL.

  • Lumberjackals-friday_24_mxw125_mxha_e0
    2018 Lumberjack Nationals race report

    It's been two years since USA BMX has made River Valley BMX a stop on the National circuit. And this time around, the legendary NW track is looking the best it's ever been. Wider, harder, faster is the new slogan - and it definitely exceeded all expectations.

  • Ohio2466_mxw125_mxha_e0
    2018 USA BMX Buckeye Nationals Race Report

    Holy Toledo! The USA BMX National Tour is back for the first time in 5 years and the turnout and racing were amazing!

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    2018 Great Salt Lake Nationals race report

    Rad Canyon BMX has been a traditional stop on the National series since the mid-90's - due to its stellar facility and central location. As a suburb of Salt Lake City, there is a ton of cycling fun all around South Jordan. But this weekend in August, there is the Great Salt Lake Nationals.

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    2018 USA BMX Land O' Lakes Nationals Race Report

    Minnesota is a hotbed of BMX talent these days and it was on showcase for the world during the Land o' Lakes Nationals.