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Emerald Valley BMX Map

2715 Leo Harris Pkwy
Eugene OR 97402
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Track Operator:
Francois Boulanger
(541) 214-6152
[email protected]

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2023 Track Rentals and Team Practice Rates

Team Practice and Track Rental Rates 2023:

Team Practice:

$50.00 per hour or $150.00 for 4 hour block

$2 per rider attending practice

*Team manager must submit complete roster for insurance purposes and all attendees must have current USA BMX membership to participate.

*Invoice paid via square or cash in advance BEFORE gates will be set up (No exceptions). The fees are for the TORF, gate set up, electricity, and staffing.

Example: Team RAD rents for 2 hours and has 10 riders on roster.  Cost is $110.00

NOTE: Track is FREE to use when the gate is NOT in use.  If gates are dropping it is either a RACE or a TEAM/CLINIC and the TORF must be submitted for insurance purposes.  THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING!

Clinics/Pro Clinics:

$50 per hour or $150.00 for a 4 hour block

$5 per rider attending the clinic

*Fees capped at a maximum of $200 per clinic

Example 1:  Pro Joe runs a 2 hour clinic with 10 riders.  Cost $150.00

Example 2: Camp Crew runs a 4 hour clinic with 30 riders.  Cost $200.00 

Birthday/Parties with GATES: 

$200 flat fee and all participants must either be a USA BMX member or fill out a trial membership and insurance release form.  Gate will run for 2 hours maximum, and staffing must be available for the desired reservation time.

FOR reservations please e-mail [email protected]