There will be no practice session tonight or race on Sunday due to weather and track conditions.

The core dirt on the track is still quite soft and saturated. We hope things warm up soon and we can start the season. Saying this, traditionally speaking the track has not been ready for racing till after the Easter weekend - this year has been very typical of the weather we would expect.

We have taken this opportunity to make changes to the track will enable us to ride earlier in the future and to be able to recover when mid season rain happens. In the third straight we are: bringing the height of the track well above grade and sloping the features and drainage ditches and adding new crushed gravel in them. All of these changes are being made with this one objective in mind to help us with the type of climate we live in. The bonus of all of this work is that our entire 3rd straight and parts of the 4th will be much better and fun to ride!

Work Party - Sunday 12-5pm

Please join us for a work party on Sunday, 12-5pm.