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Coaching Renewal


*All renewing coaches are now required to complete the CDC Heads Up for Coaching Online Concussion Awarness Training Module and submit the certificate obtained.

Please click here for the CDC Concussion Module

**All renewing coaches are now required to submit their Local New Rider Program form with a Track Operators signature. 

Please click here to download the New Rider Program Form.

All of the dates on the New Rider Program Form must be entered into the online track scheduler and approved by the coaching department before your coaching license will be renewed.


Coaching Licenses need to be renewed each year by their expiration date or your name will be taken off the coaches database and you will be unable to coach at a USA BMX track until you have met your renewal requirements.


Step 1.
Fill out the renewal form below.

Step 2.
Pay your annual coaching license fee, by using the Coaching Payment link.
Track Operators may skip Step 2. There is no annual fee if you are an active Track Operator, however Track Operators must keep thier background check's and Basic First Aid and Adult and Pediatric CPR certifications current to renew.  (Step 3)

Step 3.


Step 4.
Once everything has been reviewed by the Coaching/Membership department, your coaching license will be renewed.

As always if you have any questions please contact:

Coaching Director: Justin Travis


Phone:  585-415-0455

Fields marked with a * are mandatory.

Annual Coaching Renewal Form