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INTERbike Show Las Vegas

Filed under General on September 19, 2012 | Comment(s)

"Hmmmmm... race the national in South Carolina this weekend, race at my local track, hit a State Champ ...or go to the InterBike Tradeshow in 'Vegas?"
Decisions, decisions, decisions.
But have no fear - we give you permission to go racing! Leave it up to us to attend the annual INTERbike trade show and we'll give you updates and reports over the next few days - and deliver you sneak peeks of all of the new 2013 bikes and cool BMX racing products every night.
To tide you over until tonight - here's the first look at the brand new INTENSE frame for 2013. This will be the third-generation for Intense; as the current Podium frame design has gone pretty much unchanged since 2007. Look closely at the headtube and you may notice some road/mtb influence happening, with the over-sized lower headset cup; something that has become commonplace for the road bike world over the past few years.
Will this be the newest trend in race frame design? Only time will tell.

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