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Hampton BMX District: VA01


901 E Littleback River Rd
Hampton, Va 23669

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Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Track Phone: 757-951-6175
  • Primary Contact: Bobby Powell ((757) 751-9767)
  • Secondary Contact: Autumn Starr ((757) 751-9767)

Hampton BMX, formerly Hampton Supertrack, has been located in Gosnold’s Hope Park for over 30 years. Our goal is to provide riders, their families and friends a safe place to come together to share their passion for the sport of BMX racing.

Our licensing body is USABMX, formerly the American Bicycle Association (ABA). We offer a “One Day Free” membership so riders can experience one free gate practice or one free race. A 12-month membership is $60 for the first family member. This membership allows you to race at any USABMX track in the United States.  You will receive Pull Magazine, a BMX magazine, that gives great information about equipment, riders, races and tracks. There is also a temporary 30-day membership that can be purchased for $30.00.  The temporary membership can then be converted to a full membership for $35.