As we approach the beginning of another fantastic season at Stouffville BMX, we want to remind everyone of the following:
If you raced last season, please check your new earned District number (go to then Points/District/2023/Canada sanction/ON01 District/Class) and make sure you have updated this number on your plate for this season (other earned numbers in 2023 such as Prov, NAT, NAG, CNAG, GC etc may also be used but keep in mind Prov plate numbers may not be used at National races).
If you are a brand new rider (no racing yet), then you will use the last 3 digits of your BMX Canada serial number as your plate number for racing this season. You may NOT select your own random number to use. We have plates and vinyl numbers for sale in the Registration trailer. Always a good idea to have extra zip ties on hand for your plate. We keep a small supply in Registration for emergencies.
Once riders are inside the gate, they must have their full face helmet on. No exceptions. Riders must be aware of their surroundings at all times on the track and in the track area. Please ride the track in the appropriate direction and do not stop on the track or on top of corners. Please do not enter the track area for Practice until you are instructed by a volunteer to do so.
No foul language, poor sportsmanship or inappropriate behaviour by any rider or club member will be tolerated. We aim for a fun, family friendly environment at all times.
No parents inside the track gate during practice or racing unless you are assisting your Strider or you are a volunteer working on the infield of the track on a corner, staging, gate operator etc. Spectators are asked to kindly observe outside the track fence near the bleachers.
Please make sure to update your BMX Canada license if it has expired. NO RENEWALS WILL BE DONE ONSITE. It is very time consuming to do renewals when registering for a practice or race, and we ask that you have this done ahead of time. Your license's are good for a full year from date of purchase.
Our track is run by VOLUNTEERS. If you can lend a hand, please do as sharing the load helps everyone. If you would like to learn about volunteering in a specific area, please let us know and we can have you shadow with someone to learn the ropes.
We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to the track for the best season yet, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary!