The 2017 Canadian National Series is about to wrap up with the Canadian Grand Nationals which will be held over the Thanksgiving weekend beginning on Friday, October 6th with a Pre-Race, a National on Saturday, October 7th and the BIG event, a Grand National on Sunday, October 8th at Chilliwack Heritage Park. This is the biggest race event of the year and you don't want to miss it!

The Grand National is the finale for the 2017 National Series - here are a few details that you'll need in order to plan your participation: 

  • Oct 6th, Friday - A Pre-Race  (Riders earn Double-District points)

         Reg. 1-4pm, Racing starts at 5pm

         Race Fees: Full Track $35, Strider/Half Track $20

  • Oct 7th, Saturday - A National Event  (Riders earn National points plus Triple District points)

         Reg. 7:30-9:30am, Racing starts at 11:30am

         Race Fees: Full Track $65, Strider/Half Track $20

  • Oct 8th, Sunday - The Canadian Grands as a one-day event  (Riders earn Double-National Points plus Quadruble-District points)


         Racing starts at 8am

         Race Fees: Full Track $70, Strider/Half Track $25

ALL current BMX Canada members are welcome to participate in this Series. Even beginners/striders are welcome at National races!! Register just like you normally would for a weekly local race. We strongly recommend that you pre-sign up online to save your time and avoid a long lineup. Online Pre-Registration ends on Tues, October 3rd at 5pm. On-site registration will be available Friday and Saturday during the event, but expect a long lineup!! There is NO registration on Sunday, you must pre-register online or at the track prior to Sunday morning. 

There are rules that are heavily enforced at bigger races like these National series races. Please ensure your rider understands these rules and follows them. 

1. Transfer System
2. 30 Feet Rule (from the gate down the start hill)
3. Last Straight Rule (similar to 30 feet Rule)
4. Young Rider Assistance Rule
You can find the detailed explanation at "Important Racing Rules" page

Also check the “Getting Started” page and the 2017 BMX Canada Rulebook

Some riders are following the series to be ranked nationally but others just race one or two Nationals simply for the competition. So even if you are a new BMX rider, you are welcome to race at this event. Each of the three races are separate and distinct, which means that you don't need to race all three days; choose one race to get a taste or ride all three! It is a big event and there will be lots of riders! Come race and see how you compete with athletes from across the nation!!


We strongly recommend you to pre-sign up online to save your time and avoid a long lineup. Online Pre-Sign up closes AT 5PM TUESDAY, October 3rd. On-site registration will be available Friday and Saturday during the event.

Check out this awesome footage of 2014 Canadian Grands!!

North Shore BMX volunteers will set up 1-2 tents for riders and their family to rest and park their bikes. Please feel free to join and hang out with us!! That would be great if you could bring your chairs :)

If you have any questions please ask us at the track or message us on FB page or send us an email at

We hope to see lots of riders from NSBMX participate this series :)

** As a reminder - local club racing is wrapping up on Saturday, September 30th. This means that there is no more racing at NSBMX prior to the Grands. We hope the weather cooperates for this final day of club racing! **